Humanitarian organizations today seem to be multiplying faster than ever before. Each movement, issue, social agenda seems to have a host of different organizations, some which are not even organized properly, which advocate for various solutions, but often cause even more problems.

In theory a humanitarian effort or organization is supposed to solve or alleviate a social, human problem or problems in order to have a better and more organized society in which humanity can develop and grow with more ease.

While some social scientists will argue that the human ego causes most of our problems, the truth is that so called altruism can also cause a lot of our social, national and international emergencies. The thing that escapes us is that it is difficult to see where our selfishness ends and where altruism begins.

In fact, one could argue that selfishness and altruism are interconnecting. One without the other will never be truly possible as long aim the deepest part of the different world labyrinth as there are humans on this planet. Human beings operate from their ego's perspective because it is easier to function with your defense mechanisms alert in a society which filled with other people's ego's points of views which will inevitably, one time or another, clash with our own.

Altruism which usually means giving something of ours without expecting anything in return not even the feeling of doing good to others. But can an individual really go so far as to not even feel joy when they are able to help another to the best of their capabilities? We all get something in return for helping others or another. Complete sacrifice does not exist then. Even if a child is saved by a parent who then dies, the parent has not sacrificed anything because they knew that it would be torture to live without their child. Saving their child is their reward, not their sacrifice. It will seem as a sacrifice for the child because the child will grow up without their parent.

Humanitarian organizations today do not operate from the point of altruism. Most of them are in fact in it for the profit one way or another. jikuu mahou de isekai to chikyuu wo ittarikitari An organization profits from various donations, media attention, internet marketing, and even government attention and subventions at times. This is not to condemn all humanitarian organizations, but the fact is they will operate from the point of selfishness disguised as altruistic agenda. Without someone in trouble or without problems an organization ceases to exist. Ergo, one needs problems that are long term or can be sustained over time in order for an organization to proceed with its dealings, public relations, and profitable charity.

Like the ouroboros the organization eats its own tail leeching off of issues that might have even been solved if there was enough will power and morality present. Unlike the snake eating its own tail, most organizations that operate in such a way will collapse on their own head.


It's not so puzzling then why we see so many humanitarian crisis which are shoved in front of people's faces even when the crisis is not even close to them. Creating paranoia, parading tragedy and human vulnerability on all media sources has turned into a farce where one is forced to watch people starve, kill