The battle scenes in Tales of demons and gods are especially well done and are a joy to read. And the storyline of Feng Shen Ji, however, It takes chapters to actually kick off to start to enjoy the main characters. But unlike the manhua that is conventional, the main characters grow as the show goes on, getting more mature and worldly at a steady speed instead of the arbitrary spikes and dips usually found.

Life and fights lives with one goal: prosperity and liberty through his adversities.


The main issue is the fact that you don’t understand why, when, where. Any manhua reader deserves a rationale concerning why someone does what they do or something that was more complicated, something attributed to heavier emotions. The characters’ uninteresting styles are originated from their obvious characteristic: an easy, juvenile mindset. The story that they’ve been set in is better, with the same quantity of thought put into it as the number of times the key character seems sensible.


Every guidance the storyline goes looks like its come right out of a novel. Feng Shen Ji selected to sugarcoat these platitudes with two processes: Art of such quality that it was nearly distracting and not placing serious emphasis on anything. There clearly was no accurate conflict or plot twists because yet the main events only happen and of how rooted it was to unoriginality, devoid of motifs that are grasping. The inquiry of what's more at fault - the dearth of convincing characters or the storyline stripped naked of sophisticated subjects, this is virtually unable to be replied.

Feng Shen Ji Manga
Feng Shen Ji Manga

Its greatest advantage is the fact that it’s not just black and white lines, but is fitting and completely coloured of the manhua’s setting. Musclebound guys adorn the pages, accompanied by graceful, sleek-haired girls. Sceneries are drawn. Feng Shen Ji, every couple of pages trades its fashion that is standard for a painted counterpart intended to give emphasis to significant portions of the narrative. Above all, the fight is simple to take in and comprehend.


But despite the way in which the artwork pops with colour, there's a heavy awareness of black and white within the manhua. Characters have little that keeps them fighting keeps them going on, or induces them to behave the way they're. After the battle was created the enemy gods are usually cared for immediately as well as the storyline follows a simple cycle of working/training for independence from struggle, a predicament, along with a big change in scene.


Semblances of increase in characters are only flukes. The principal character, Wu Geng lacks likability and morals from beginning to end. He’s juvenile and impulsive, but if I really could say one thing, I'd say that he acts his age. The sole thing that makes him different from a typical lead that is idiotic is the fact that there’s little to no effort to make him fascinating besides his monologues that are immature. The sole increase that the other characters, or he, have are changes from year to year in look and status.


Besides him, the rest are readily forgotten, seen as interchangeable by the writer and of the characters cloud together. What makes them unique is the reality that, unlike a lot of characters today, there aren't any cheap, tawdry spices added (the same spices that, paradoxically, makes them intolerable). Their characters come from the common archetypes. Maybe, in the writer’s head, this strategy made the manhua realistic.


Little to no emphasis is put on emotional increase, and instead the focus is really on the mindless amusement quality (through gore, departures) and how fairly the bundle it’s wrapped in appearances. However, this manhua is a seinen. For anyone who'd like to light novel online and want to see some great fight scenes, then I recommend it.

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