In case your dog strains to pee or blood appears in the urine, he could have problems with urinary bladder rocks. Take him to the veterinarian as quickly as possible for an evaluation. Dependant on the analysis, your dog might require operation for stone removal. One type of stone occasionally dissolves through prescription diet treatment, but there's no promise. Your veterinarian probably will put your dog on a long-term new diet to prevent future stone formation. Struvite stones, the most typical type of dogs urinary bladder stone, can occasionally be removed through diet as opposed to surgical means. Through urinalysis, which reveals the existence of crystals, the building blocks of rocks, and through the use of a X ray or ultrasound, your veterinarian can be capable to see the stone. You shoul read this artical : dry dog food for labradors

In case the rocks will not be substantial and aren't obstructing the urethra, which is a veterinary crisis, your veterinarian might prescribe a diet designed to boost acid levels in the urine, eventually inducing the rocks to dissolve. While your dog probably will stay on a particular diet for the rest of his life, the prevention diet differs from the dissolution diet. In case your pet urinary bladder rocks include calcium oxalate, you do not have the possibility to dissolve them through diet. They require surgical removal. A high percentage of dogs with such rocks develop them again, even with dietary changes. 

That's because, unlike struvite stones, calcium oxalate stone growth is not generally related to diet, but might result from genetic or metabolism problems. Your veterinarian will prescribe a diet low in calcium and oxalate, a naturally occurring substance, to minimize the possibilities of new stone formation. While prescription diets can be found in both canned and dry types, the former is preferable. Nutritionally balanced prescription diets for urinary bladder rocks include low quantities of protein, phosphorous and magnesium, all of which aid in stone development. While suitable, prescription diets will not be cheap and not all dogs find them palatable. Ask your veterinarian about preparing home cooked meals for the dog which can be nutritionally balanced and low in protein, magnesium and phosphorous. Read more at website : Dogs to love